Sunday, March 6, 2011

Took me long enough

I was merrily creating at the beginning of last year when life got in the way. Between my daughter's high school rowing team and my heavy involvement with their booster club, to the classes I was taking regarding my own personal spiritual development and growth and of course my day job, somehow I got dragged away from the workbench. But lately that creative spark found time and room to grow within me and I am back at the work bench! I just uploaded a few new pieces earlier and I am proud to debut a new collaboration with Deva Designs! I was contacted by Suzie from DD and she thought their line of Goddess pendants would be perfect with my goddess and spirit rosaries! She was so right! But I had been admiring the Deva Designs line for years. Now I get to create with their pendants!

I listed 4 new pieces under the category Deva Goddesses - Serenity, Nile and 2 Tree Goddess pieces. But these are not the first of my new Deva Goddesses that I have sold. Last Saturday I posted some low-res iPhone photos to my Twitter and MMG Facebook page and by Sunday the 1st Deva Goddess rosary was claimed, and then by mid week I had custom orders for 3 more! And a gorgeous moss agate necklace was claimed as well! I am blessed and thankful!

I've got 4 more bracelets to prepare for listing and upload today. But I'm back and that creative spark has kindled into a wonderful flame.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

A very good Cause

One of the Etsy Street teams that I belong to is TeamBPAL. Today TeamBPAL opened our Team Shop for a very special Charity Event. As a team we have chosen to create an item or 2 or 3 or more with the Ocean theme in mind. And the proceeds of the sales of those items are going to to help the sea turtles that have been injured and damaged by the horrible oil spill Tragedy in the Gulf. 2 of my pieces are donated, The Delicate Ocean and Healing Hands

One of the things that TeamBPAL chose to do when we formed is to not only help and support each other as we grow our Etsy Shops, but to also come together and help make the world a better place by having team sales that benefit a specific charity. In this time of need it is the Sea Turtles we are trying to help.

And so I urge you. If you don't purchase anything from the shop, please repeat the link to all you know so that we can reach our goal of selling everything and sending all the proceeds to the Sea Turtle Rescue.

And I guess because good deeds bring good things, I found out today that my Waxing Moon Goddess Earrings were chosen for this Etsy Treasury:

Thursday, March 11, 2010

A day of awesome news!

Today is a day filled with awesome news!

First I get a text from Mel at who informed me that TeamBPAL received our official Etsy Team Designation today! You can find the TeamBPAL Etsy Team Profile here:

Mother Moon Gems is a very proud Charter Member of TeamBPAL.

Second I was notified that Mother Moon Gems has been chosen for yet another Etsy Treasury! This is a PIF Treasury started by the VA Etsy Team to which I also belong. This is the FOURTH Treasury in less than a month! To say that I am thrilled is putting it midly. If you could only see my happy dance!

Here is the treasury that I will be featured in for the next few days. I'll try and get treasury Pictures uploaded to this blog soon!

That is all for now. I have to pack up an order for a sale made yesterday and then work on pictures and write ups for my next update which is coming soon!

Friday, March 5, 2010

What a Way to Start the weekend!

Today, I was informed that Mother Moon Gems was included into its 3rd Treasury on Etsy! That is 3 in less than 1 months time. Color me tickled and this is a wonderful way to start off a weekend!

The Treasury:

I've been working on a few more of my Faeries Dance necklaces. I hope to have photographs of them to share soon!

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Welcome to my workbench!

The inaugural blog from my beaded jewelry busines - Mother Moon Gems. I have a store on Etsy I encourage you to visit!

Back to creating new pieces, more soon!